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How to Use Printable Certificates - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does ti cost to use the Printable Certificate Maker?

A. Nothing, the Printable Certificate Maker is free.


Q. What if I don't see the type of certificate I want to make?

A. Email us and we will consider adding that type of certificate to our website when we update it.


Q. I'd like to link to the Certificate Maker. Will that be OK?

A. Yes, this is a new website and we'd appreciate any backlinks.


Q. I made a certificate and some of the lines are getting cut off by the graphics.

A. If this happens you can take text from one line and place it on another line. You can play with the lines to get the certificates to look the way you want them to.


Q. I would like to have one of the certificates without your link on it. Is this possible?

A. Yes, contact us.

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